Investigation of the Features of Investment in the Development of Renewable Energy Sources: Main Consumers, Legal Regulation, Equipment, Rates and Delivery

Ekaterina V. Nezhnikova, Irina V. Okhremenko, Oksana V. Papelniuk


This study aims to examine some peculiarities of investing as one of the most important aspects of renewable energy sources development in Russia. Within the framework of this study, a comprehensive analysis of statistical data and analytical indicators reflecting the current state of renewable energy of the Russian Federation was carried out. The results of the conducted research show that, despite the considerable reserves of traditional energy resources, there has been a lively competition in the renewable energy sector in recent years; the goal is obtaining the right to implement projects and receive return on investment through a support mechanism. On the basis of the study of the experts concerning the Russian energy market and the existing mechanisms for RES support, the authors conclude that opinions of the market participants are divided. Consumers and power supply companies stand for the abolition of the current support mechanism after 2024. Investors claim the need to extend the existing support measures but with changes in conditions and parameters.

Keywords: Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy Sources, Alternative Energy

JEL Classifications: E22, P48

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