Hydropower Potentials and Effects of Poor Manufacturing Infrastructure on Small Hydropower Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Williams Ebhota, Pavel Y. Tabakov


Adequate access to reliable, quality and affordable power is crucial to standard of living globally. Therefore, this study discusses the present power accessibility level, the causes of power inadequacy and measures required to realise power adequacy and sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa. Based on secondary research information sources, this study reported that presently in the region, four out of five people depend on firewood (traditional biomass) for cooking; power sector is typified of inadequacies of power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure and emission of greenhouse gases. The effective amount of hydropower potential available in the region is 4,000,000 GWh/year and only 76,000 GWh/year of this potential that has been developed. The study attributes the low level of hydropower development to poor and inadequate manufacturing infrastructure. Further, the study sees the development of manufacturing infrastructure and other basic infrastructures as a panacea for power adequacy and sustainability in the region.

Keywords: Hydropower, Small Hydropower, Manufacturing Infrastructure, Sub-Saharan Africa, Electricity, Hydro Turbine, Renewable Energy

JEL Classifications: Q4, Q56

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