Cost Optimization of Micro grids Using Homer: A Case Study in Botswana

Sampath Kumar Venkatachary, Jagdish Prasad, Ravi Samikannu


Fast dwindling fossil fuels and its impact on carbon footprint, encourage the use of renewable energy sources as an alternative power source. Renewable energy resources are now playing a pivotal role in gradually adding to the development of community and country. This paper focuses on optimal sizing and design, planning and operation of a micro grid solution for Botswana and demonstrate the usage through three different scenarios while taking into account cost factors, environmental emissions, economics, etc. The three modeling includes a combination of Solar PV’s, generators, grid. The simulations are carried out using well-known modeling software HOMER. The paper accommodates sensitivity analysis to perceive the impact of solar insolation, investment costs of PV, converters, and fuel price on the optimum result. The results also positively encourage the use of renewable energy as a source to reduce greenhouse gases and reduce carbon footprint as per Kyoto protocol.

Keywords: Levelized Cost, O&M, Unmet Electricity Load, Annualized Cost

JEL Classifications: A19

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