Problems of Legal Regulation for Use and Development of Renewable Energy Sources in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Galym B. Teleuyev, Oksana V. Akulich, Marsel A. Kadyrov, Andrey A. Ponomarev, Elnur L. Hasanov


Using of sunlight, wind, rain, geothermal heat as source of energy promotes improvement of the ecological situation, reduces emissions in the environment and helps to save natural resources. Actuality of the research is proved by that. The main aim of the article is research of the perspectives of development of the renewable sources of energy. We have proved that about 18% of the world consumption of the energy is received from the renewable sources of energy. 13% is received from the traditional biomass (wood burning).

Keywords: Wood, Environment Impact Assessment, Sours of Energy, Biomass Consumption, Energy Needs

JEL Classifications: Q48, I32

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