Geopolitics of the Republic of Turkey’s Energy Policy

Yusif Huseynov


Since Turkish Republic has seen outstanding economic growth developments in recent years, the demand for energy sources has increased significantly. This development has motivated Turkey to create secure and reliable energy routes to its energy market. Turkey is now ranked as one of the largest energy consumers, and this consumption constantly continues to increase. Turkey currently depends on imported natural gas resources for 98% of its total consumption, which is supplied by Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, etc. Turkey’s accepted state program 2023, indicates the country’s vision to become part of the top 10 economies in the world, and within the bounds of such a target, Turkey’s demand for energy resources will increase even more in volume. The Turkish Republic has been very much aware of these situations and as such the country has used its unique geographic location to play an important role in implementing its energy strategy.

Keywords: Turkish Republic, Energy Security, Diplomacy, Geopolitics

JEL Classifications: Q4, F68, G18

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