Norwegian Experience as a Promising Measure for the Russian Energy System Development

Elena S. Balashova, Elizaveta A. Gromova


At the moment, Arctic is in the interest of many countries, and not only near the Arctic. A high degree of the region promising in the context of undiscovered oil and gas resources is the explanation for it. Russia possessing the most significant share of these reserves has a fairly low rate of investigation of the Arctic shelf. Arctic hydrocarbon resources occupy the important strategic place in the development of the fuel-energy complex of Russia, ensuring its energy security. Hence, the goal of this research is to identify effective model of the offshore fields development in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. The Norwegian model of formation of consortia for the development of the offshore fields is analyzed and it is examined in the context of the Russian Arctic. The effectiveness of the introduction of this model in Russia is proved.

Keywords: consortium, energy system, Arctic shelf, Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.

JEL Classifications: Q43, Q48, R11

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