Analysis of the Bank Specific Factors, Macroeconomics and Oil Price on Dividend Policy

Amlys Syahputra Silalahi, Khaira Amalia Fachrudin, Aryanti Sariartha Sianipar, Kharisya Ayu Effendi


The purpose this study to find variables that can influence dividend policy using the dividend payout ratio variable. The factor used is debt policy, credit risk, capital adequacy ratio, life cycle, capital structure, Inflation, growth domestic product, unemployment and oil price. The data of this study are 14 banks in Indonesia from 2009 - 2018. The test method of data is using panel data regression. The results of this study, there are 4 variables that affect dividend policy, namely credit risk, capital structure, inflation and oil prices. while other variables do not have a significant effect on credit risk. the results of variable oil prices are different from previous studies because the subject of this study is banking. Where the increase in oil prices can have a positive impact on dividend policy in the mining industry, but have a negative impact on the banking industry.

Keywords: dividend policy, bank specific factors, macroeconomics, oil price

JEL Classifications: C1, E6, G21, Q41


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